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Magnum Tonic™ offers the very best value for a natural testosterone support supplement. 

Using only the most advanced, innovative Pharmaceutical Grade ingredients, Magnum Tonic™ will increase your free-flowing testosterone in a matter of days.

Magnum Tonic™ is an excellent choice for a natural Testosterone supplement because:

• It has a potent supply of 4 of the top natural testosterone-boosting ingredients available
• It is the most affordable and truly the best value for testosterone therapy
• It has 900mg per capsule
• It includes Vitex berry, which is only found in the “higher-priced” test. products
• You will be harder and tighter very quickly
• You will not inhibit or disrupt your natural testosterone production
• Every ingredient is Pharmaceutical Grade
• There are no side-effects

Why take a testosterone booster?
Testosterone boosters are created for men looking to improve and support their natural testosterone production. These products are best used to enhance lean muscle mass, repair and support test. production damaged by the use of pro-hormones or steroids, and increase the amount of free-flowing testosterone and your body’s ability to recognize more of what is already there.

A testosterone booster will produce the following results:

• Increased lean muscle mass
• Support testosterone production and recognition without negatively impacting your body’s ability to do it naturally
• Make you feel younger
• Inhibit estrogen spiking
• Improved blood flow and hardening (everywhere!)

Magnum Tonic™ is ideal for any man who:

• Is trying to increase lean muscle mass & improve body composition
• Wants to support testosterone production and recognition without negatively impacting his body’s ability to do it naturally
• Has low testosterone (either naturally or as a result of the use of: steroids, M1T, pro-hormones, andros, etc.)
• Wants to improve his strength and endurance
• Wants to feel younger
• Wants to improve blood flow and hardening (everywhere!)


Frequently asked Questions

How quickly can I expect results from Magnum Tonic™?
You should start to see noticeable results in your first week; however, we have had many customers & athletes notice a difference in their hardness and strength in the first few days!

What results can I expect from taking Magnum Tonic™?
Results include strength gains, endurance, muscle hardening and a difference in your recovery between workouts.

Why is it not recommended for women to take Magnum Tonic™?
As Magnum Tonic™ effects testosterone levels, unless a woman is trying to increase her testosterone (by suggestion of her physician), it should be avoided by females.

Magnum Tonic™ claims to be a true “testosterone booster,” will I test positive for anything questionable?
No. The natural ingredients in Magnum Tonic™ assist your LH (leutinizing hormone) to detect testosterone that is already present in your body and increase unbound, free-testosterone levels. These ingredients are also known to boost active testosterone levels, help prevent over-training, increase feeling of well-being and can increase male prolactin levels. 2,3


**If you compete in a strict federation, it is best to check the ingredients of Magnum Tonic™ with the governing body of your sport.

“Cycling Magnum Tonic with 3 caps per day increased my testosterone. It’s something you can actually feel, improving my focus and aggression the first day I took it. I recommend this product.”
~Graham Chan, Team Magnum