Nutrabolics Vitabolic, 196 capsules

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You’ve engineered your body from blood, sweat, and determination, but like every machine it must be properly shielded and energized to function at an elite level. VITABOLIC® contains unique natural energy accelerators that work to zero in your focus, elevate your performance, stabilize your mood, and provide a clean energy boost. These psychosomatic amplifiers interact synergistically with adaptogenic herbal defense actives and a premium blend of athletics-optimized vitamins and minerals to help bolster your body’s natural defenses while promoting a state of balance. Working to recharge the adrenal system, this ultravitamin is designed to suppress cortisol, the killer hormone responsible for weakened immune function, tissue breakdown, and increased abdominal fat deposition. VITABOLIC® counteracts the negative effects of cortisol and stress fatigue from over-training or the over-use of stimulants like caffeine, promoting a hormone-equalizing effect.

Whether for training recovery or rest-day maintenance, this nano-biological armor hardens your immune and recovery systems, working to proactively deflect pathogens, mitigate joint inflammation, and guard against free radical cell oxidation – all while improving energy, mood, and cellular resilience to stress. Calibrated specifically to support athletic performance and physiological defense, VITABOLIC® provides an unparalleled level of protection against anything that could compromise your progress, so you are always training at your hardest, strongest, and fastest.




100mg Theanine – Functions as a potent mood booster, reducing anxiety and stress while promoting a happy, calm state of wellbeing. Reduces the negative effects of caffeine. Reduces fat peroxidation of LDL which reduces the risks of hardening of the arteries. Theanine works as an antioxidant to decrease oxidative damage and repair cell structure and reduce inflammation.


250mg  Rhodiola Rodea 3% – Increases the oxygen carrying capacity of our red blood cells helping to increase energy, vitality and stamina. Reduces cortisol helping to increase memory, focus, energy levels, and immune system.


150mg Green Tea – Loaded with polyphenols like flavonoids and catechins, Green Tea functions as a powerful antioxidant. It’s compositional substances can reduce the formation of free radicals in the body, protecting cells and molecules from damage. Tea catechins are strong antibacterial and antiviral agents which make them effective for boosting the immune system.


50mg Panax Ginseng 10:1 – Panax ginseng supports the HPA axis (hypothalamus, pituitary, adrenal). This biological axis is what controls our stress response and aids in immune system function. Panax Ginseng also increase blood circulation which aids in energy, focus, stamina and detoxification.


500mg Ashwaganda (2.5% withanolides) – This potent active works to reduce stress and cortisol levels, helping to recharge the adrenal glands. It also stimulates the immune system and is shown to help to reduce inflammation.


250mg Cordyceps Mushroom – Cordyceps positively impacts immune function by directly stimulating the production of NK cells (Natural Killer cells), which are one of the body’s first lines of defense against infection and illness. Cordyceps help improve liver and kidney function and are a powerful adaptogen, helping to reduce stress and cortisol levels.


200mg Devil’s Claw  – Devil’s Claw has several active ingredients including the bioflavonoids, harpagoside, procumbide and sigmasterol. These substances suppress inflammation by blocking one of the chemical processes in the body that causes inflammation. Devils claw also has analgesic properties to help reduce pain.


200mg  Cissus Quadrangularis – Can help to prevent the degradation of bone matter in the body and stimulate bone, ligament and tendon growth. Cissus quadrangularis is also packed with vitamin C, making it a natural antioxidant. In turn, this helps fight inflammation, reducing swelling, pain, and other associated health complications. Experts have compared this ingredient’s pain-relieving effects to those of aspirin.


200mg  Garlic – This ancient herb is best know for it’s ability to boost your immune system along with it’s antibacterial and antiviral properties. Garlic also helps reduce blood pressure and hypertension.


200mg  Ginger – Gingerol, the bioactive substance in ginger, can help lower the risk of infections. In fact, ginger extract can inhibit the growth of many different types of bacteria. Ginger also aids in d