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Ultimate Daily Greens

Ultimate Daily Greens is a supreme blend of 48 specially assembled "green foods". Designed to be used by people of all ages — it tastes so amazing that the whole family will enjoy it!

What is Ultimate Daily Greens?

48 CONCENTRATED Super Fruits, Vegetables & Sea Greens

  • Higher in actual GREENS than most other greens formula (so GREEN you can actually SEE the difference)
  • Full ANTIOXIDANT rating on our labels (antioxidants help neutralize Free Radicals)
  • Highly ALKALIZING (alkalizing greens and minerals help neutralize the damaging effects of acids)
  • Amazing GREAT TASTE (perfect for everyday use)

Ultimate daily greens is a supreme alkalizing blend of 48 specially assembled green foods

One Serving of Ultimate Daily Greens Delivers


  • The ANTIOXIDANT levels (measured as ORAC levels) of 7 full servings of fruits and vegetables
  • More (8) SEA GREENS including Phytoplankton, and ALGAES (the top super food in the Raw Food Pyramid) than virtually every other greens formula
  • So much GREEN CHLOROPHYLL that you can actually see the difference — equivalent to multiple servings of leafy green vegetables (eg. like spinach)
  • The added power of MACA (aka Peruvian ginseng), not found in most other greens formulas
  • Naturally occurring MINERALS AND TRACE ELEMENTS (not normally found in processed food)
  • The PROBIOTICS of 1 daily serving of yogurt
  • And with 48 ingredients the benefits are endless. (For example you could Google / look up what spirulina, or maca alone can do for your body and you would be amazed...)


Cleaner, Safer, Family Friendly-Formulated with...


  • NO soy lecithin or soy sprout (common food allergens)
  • NO wheat, spelt, kamut, oats, barley, rye, triticale, malt (common gluten sources)
  • NO bee pollen (common food allergen)
  • NO contra-indicating medicinal herbal extracts (potentially dangerous, especially when used every day by those on certain medications or of certain ages)


Top 10 Reasons to Use Ultimate Daily Greens

Ingredients in our formula are known to:

  1. Help improve measurable antioxidant levels in the blood.
  2. Aid in oxygen rich, red blood cell formation.
  3. Help even the hardest working people recover from oxidative stress better.
  4. Help world class athletes recuperate from the hardest training.
  5. Significantly decrease the adverse effects of cancer causing free radicals.
  6. Help boost immunity.
  7. Help improve energy metabolism and healthy tissue formation.
  8. Help re-mineralize bones and may reduce risk of osteoporosis.
  9. May help reduce the risk of heart disease.
  10. Provide higher alkaline (higher pH) nutrition that helps neutralize acid (higher acidic bodies are more prone to disease and have greater difficulty recovering from disease & stress including physical stress from exercise).