Alora Naturals Superba Krill Oil 500mg, 60 capsules

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Alora Naturals™ Superba Krill Oil carries a high proportion of EPA & DHA in the form of phospholipids.  Studies have shown that krill oil is tremendously effective in reducing LDL cholesterol, raising HDL cholesterol and lowering blood sugar.  Neptune Krill Oil also been shown to be effective in treating the pain and inflammation of rheumatoid arthritis and aches and pain in general.

What is Superba Krill Oil ?:
Superba krill oil (NKO) is a dietary supplement rich in omega-3 fatty acids that comes from a small crustacean that is similar to shrimp, a species of krill called Euphausia superba. These krill are harvested from Antarctic fishing zones and North Pacific oceans. Krill are the primary source of food for whales – ‘krill’ is a Norwegian word that means ‘whale food.’  Even though their small size puts them at the bottom of the food chain, there is an estimated 500 million tons of krill in the ocean. This means that quality krill oil is plentiful. Neptune Technologies, the company which holds the patent on krill oil extraction, has reported that 110,000 tons of krill are harvested yearly.

How does Krill Oil differ than Fish Oil? :
Krill Oil has a higher content of phospholipids than Fish Oil and its phospholipid structure makes it easier to absorb into the cells of the body.  Oil from krill contains around 50% more omega-3 fatty acids than fish oil and has a superior phospholipid structure whereas fish oil has a triglyceride form. It also has an addition to EPA called astaxanthin, which is a powerful antioxidant. This makes the ORAC (oxygen radical absorbency capacity) value of krill oil 48 times more potent than fish oil


• Better absorption than Fish Oil
• High proportion in the form of phospholipids of EPA and DHA than Fish Oil
• Improves cardiovascular health
• Aids in digestion
• Effective in treating pain and inflammation in joints
• Improves cognitive function like memory
• Improves symptoms of PMS in women
• High in antioxidants