Rivalus COMPLX5, 45 servings

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Many people exercise at night after work. Others are just sensitive to (or choose to avoid) the stimulating effects of caffeine. Both camps want the benefits of a pre-workout, just without ingredients that adversely affect sleep quality or may cause jitteriness.

COMPLX5™ is a new breed of workout energizer. Formulated without caffeine or other stimulant ingredients, COMPLX5™ supports muscle performance with lactic acid buffers and key building blocks for neurotransmitter and N.O. synthesis. To help keep things from getting too chaotic, there is also adaptogenic input and zero banned substances. Now that’s a formula that any athlete can get motivated about. *


  • Stimulant free pre-workout.
  • Micronized bicarbonate.
  • Beta alanine (CarnoSyn®).
  • L-arginine and l-tyrosine.
  • Red ginseng concentrate.
  • No banned substances - safe for sport.


Before workouts.